Back to the Blue House

Back to the Blue House

Back to the Blue House – oil on panel, 8″ x 9″

Back to the Blue House – Oil on Panel, 8″ x 9″


This is one of the seventeen oils from my half of “Project Cathedral” – the exhibition in Lincoln Cathedral which Fraser & I put on this year (click to embiggen!)

The polaroid shows the magnificent eastern aspect of the Cathedral, which is often overlooked in favour of the west side because (perhaps?) you can’t walk back quite so far away from this face to take in the whole view before falling off a sort of ha-ha that is ringed by a busy road the other side of which is flanked by a terrace of houses.  One of those houses however, is painted a rather snazzy blue -which then explains the not-so-cryptic writing in and title of this picture.


One comment

  1. Wow, super realistic. I love it! You’re extremely talented, of course, and have a way with words, too. (Re: “palette porn”)

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