Toward The Crossing

"Toward The Crossing" - Oil on Panel, 9" x 10"

Toward The Crossing – Oil on Panel, 8″ x 9″

Toward The Crossing – Oil on Panel, 8″ x 9″


This is one of the seventeen oils from my half of “Project Cathedral” – the exhibition in Lincoln Cathedral which Fraser & I put on this year (click to embiggen!)

Anyone visiting the cathedral can’t help but be impressed by the view of the entrance to St Hugh’s choir with the organ towering above it – it’s practically the first thing you see when looking down the nave. And should one of the organists be at the ivories, it is certainly the first thing you’ll hear before you enter the building itself.

The organ, according to Wikipedia, is: “…one of the finest examples of the work of ‘Father’ Henry Willis, dating from 1898 [and] it was his last cathedral organ before his death in 1901.”

But whilst I haven’t a clue as to what Mr Willis’ signature actually looked like, and nor could I find one, I did have fun calligraphing my own version for this painting here.


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